The random journal entries of a science-minded, four-eyed, anti-social freak.

  • Jen: Elsa has the potential to be Emma's first friend that's a girl.
  • Jen: And I know Colin has pointed out that Hook is Emma's friend, but he's a boy- a man friend...
  • Colin: OH HE'S A MAN


Nice Things We Couldn’t Have

No shoelaces.
No shoelaces, no belts, no pajama bottom or sweatshirt ties
because we might remove the strings and tie the cords around our necks
in the middle of the night.
No silverware.
When we ate we used plastic
the kind you get with your 8:30 Chinese takeout 
because you’re too lazy to use chopsticks or wash your overflowing mass of dishes
the kind that makes opening up veins harder but not impossible
the kind we had to turn back in at the end of each meal.
No electronics.
No electronics, no metal
nothing that when thrown against the wall
will shatter into swords
weapons for fighting the internal battle between desperation and determination
shields to numb us from everything else.
No chemicals.
No products with ‘alcohol’ or ‘ethanol’ or ‘glycerol’ 
any and all ‘ol’s 
nothing that could help us escape from locked bathrooms
and Ensure
and sitting for half an hour after meals
and being checked on every fifteen minutes
and the reality of the phrase “being bored to tears”
that’d drive any sane person
off a cliff
but for the insane? That’s another story.

The meeting Ray scene!!!


Y’all, did you see Felicity’s face? OMG, she looked like she knew that voice!!!! And they only showed Ray speaking to Oliver about meeting him. They cut if off before he said anything to her in the trailer. This solidifies my belief that they knew each other at MIT.

The Olicity angst is going to be great!!!!


Madonna be like


Well, I think what’s fun about the season premiere is you do get to see him be honest and truthful with her, for both good and bad. I think he’s finally revealing some secrets she didn’t know, and that’s… her reaction to those secrets is interesting. Look, I think they’re in love with each other, and when you’re in love with someone, it’s very hard for the person you love to tell you something that’s going to make you fall out of love with them instantaneously, but that emotionally intimacy deepens their relationship. Deepens their connection.
— Marc Guggenheim, answering TV Fanatic’s question (at 2014 San Diego Comic Con), “Will we see Oliver have a challenge in being truthful and honest with her, or is that part of the attraction?  That he can be honest and truthful with her?” (via smoakandarrow)


in year seven we had to bring in jars full of random objects for art and this girl said to me “why do you have a boys jar” and i said “you’re a boys jar” and effectively called her a slut and the whole class went silent and she looked so shocked and it was great